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Welcome to soc.sexuality.general, a moderated Usenet newsgroup for the discussion of human sexuality, in all of its many facets. We encourage conversation -- factual, fanciful, intellectual, social.

We hope that the newsgroup will help realize some of the promise of Usenet and the Internet to bring diverse points of view together, to democratize the discourse. Sex is one of the few things more universal than taxes (or the internet), yet public forums for its discussion are hard to come by. Years ago Usenet had "alt.sex", and its associated hierarchy of groups -- now by and large the conversation on those groups has been supplanted by commercial advertising (sex products being the one guaranteed money-maker in the World Wide Web era).

We intend to help create a forum free of the flotsam and jetsam of the alt.sex hierarchy. To achieve this, a group of volunteer moderators, with the aid of moderator software, will shield the group from messages that have been deemed undesirable. For a comprehensive list of criteria, please see the guidelines section of this site.

If you've never used Usenet before, it's probably not what much like the web forums you may have seen. Usenet predates the web by about a decade; it works through a decentralized network of replicating servers. To access Usenet you'll need to get an account on a news server. Many ISPs give these accounts away for free, so you quite likely already have one.

Your moderators,

Devin Carraway Richard Keech