Guidelines for posting

This is an excerpt from the full newsgroup charter. If you've been referred here directly concerning newsgroup policies, this is probably all you need to know. However, you may find the charter useful or interesting for historical and other context.

The group soc.sexuality.general is a moderated forum for the mature discussion of sexuality, both in a personal or a political manner. Suitable topics for discussion include, but are not limited to social issues, discussions of lifestyles both "alternative" and "mainstream", questions, and advice.

The following types of messages are inappropriate for the newsgroup, and may be grounds for rejection by the moderators or the moderation software. This does not imply that they will necessarily be rejected.

  1. Messages that fit the profile the moderation software is configured to automatically reject.
  2. Messages that are excessively or inappropriately cross-posted, or reposted.
  3. Binaries or ASCII art, requests for binaries or ASCII art, or announcements for the availability of such. (Messages that contain short binary sequences, such as PGP signatures, are acceptable.)
  4. Commercial ads, except for products that primarily serve an educational, historical, or advocacy function. Advertisements may also be rejected if they are of excessive length, or posted too frequently. Posts that are advertisements should make it clear in the subject line.
  5. Stories, or other works of erotic fiction.
  6. Personal ads, or the solicitation for penpals or face-to-face meetings of a personal nature.
  7. Off-topic posts, and posts on topics that, while related to sexuality, are more appropriate to other newsgroups. (For example, an argument on the ethics of abortion may be redirected to talk.abortion.)
  8. Posts that are adequately addressed by the newsgroup FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions") or other on-line resources.
  9. Flame wars (defined for the purposes of this charter as message exchanges for the primary purpose of trading insults).
  10. Trolls (defined for the purposes of this charter as messages posted for the sole purpose of disrupting the newsgroup).
  11. Posts from bogus addresses or domain names. (Addresses that are deliberately munged to confuse spam e-mail software is acceptable, as long as moderators can figure out how to unmunge the address, if necessary. Posters who munge their address, and who plan on posting to the newsgroup regularly, are requested to munge their address consistently.) This clause should not be interpreted as excluding anonymous or pseudonymous posts.
  12. Messages from posters or sites that are on the moderation software's "automatically reject" list. The policies for being placed on the "automatically reject" list are as follows:
    1. Advertisements for photographic or XXX BBSes or web sites, for phone sex or escort services,singles cruises or introduction services, are not welcome on this newsgroup. Posters of such messages will be immediately placed on the "automatically reject" list. Commercial sites that are known to frequently and heavily advertise themselves inappropriately on Usenet will be placed on the "automatically reject" list. Posters or sites who are placed on the "automatically reject" list for any of the above reasons will remain on the list permanently unless they successfully appeal to the Moderator Board.
    2. Posters who violate other charter provisions may be placed on the "automatically reject" list if the Moderator Board determines that they have violated the posting guidelines twice within 60 days of being warned of an infraction. The poster remains on this list for up to 30 days. Repeated infractions may then result, with each successive offense, of being placed on the "automatically reject" list for up to 60 days, one year, and then permanently.

How to appeal a rejection

The moderators will endeavor to ensure that the actions listed above will not be applied to users who commit infractions inadvertently or because of misunderstandings of newsgroup policy (except as outlined in part a above). All decisions to place a poster on the "automatically reject" list may be appealed to the Moderator Board.

Erroneous moderations (due to human or technical error) do happen from time to time; posters who feel a rejected article was consistent with the charter are encouraged to contact the moderators for clarification or to appeal.

To reach the s.s.g moderation board in order to appeal a rejection, or for any other reason, email