soc.sexuality.general Charter Interpretation

As of this writing, the newsgroup charter has never been amended, and is still enforced according to its original terms. The specific interpretations applied which differ from the literal meaning are as follows.

Autorejection (reject criterion #1)
Several objections were raised to this provision during the CFV (Call for Votes) stage of s.s.g's creation. At the time, the proposed charter was not altered to address those concerns. However, this provision of the charter is interpreted to mean that the robomoderation software is configured to address the other rejection criteria. Most often this focuses on detection and automatic rejection of spam (criterion #4). It may also be used as mechanism to enforce sender blacklisting as provided by criterion #12.
Trolling (reject criterion #10)
Trolling posts are defined by the charter as articles posted "for the sole purpose of disrupting the newsgroup." By its nature, trolls are difficult to identify unambiguously, and the purpose of the article is often not certain. The moderators will often evaluate posts for troll-ishness by studying crossposting and followup-to header choices, and the history of the poster if any can be found. In this specific case, we often transfer the burden of proof to the poster, by rejecting the post and/or asking the poster to clarify their intentions.
URL Postings (reject criteria #7 & #12.a)
Articles consisting soley or largely of URLs are generally rejected on the grounds that they are, by having no significant conversational or communicative function, off-topic. Postings referencing web pages are generally approved if they include discussion or solicitation for comment (as these articles may reasonably be said to contribute on-topic discussion.)