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As it Happens

At this moment, there is 1 moderator on duty. Of those, 0 have been active in the last 12 hours.

Monthly Summaries

Summaries of posting traffic are posted to the group at the end of each month. Here you can see a list of past summary reports.

ISC Moderation Relay Timings

Articles posted to s.s.g reach us by being emailed to a submissions address from the news server at which they were posted. That submissions address (part of the address family) has a significant number of mail exchangers relaying it. If one of those mailservers were to fail to deliver an article, the result would be a dropped message, which we heartily dislike. So several times a day, we attempt to inject automatic test probes into each of the ISC mailservers, and observe how long it takes for them to come back. Then we generate some interesting plots of these ISC relay turnaround times.

Aggregate Traffic

Simple rolling statistics of approvals and rejections. Times are relative to GMT. And yes, there's a gap covering most of January 2007, when the stats were broken. Curses upon architecture-dependent data formats.

Weekly article traffic
Monthly article traffic
Yearly article traffic

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